Sunday, 23 July 2017

Singapore Pasir Ris park August 2013 (updated Jul 2017 with inclusive playground)

Entrances to Pasir Ris Park

Main entrance to the park is just across the Pasir Ris MRT / bus interchange

Side entrance from Pasir Ris Dr 3 thru' Sungei Api Api park

Pasir Ris Rd / Elias Road entrance

Entrance next to Downtown East

bike rental (maybe no more there)

horse riding (the stable has since closed - updated Feb 2015)

bridge across Sungei Api Api

bridge across Sungei Api Api

PA Water Venture

PA holiday complex

BBQ pits

Playground (inclusive)

rock climbing

swing for children in wheelchair

Rotating wheel

accessible swing

rock climb to use the slide

basketball court for kids

a long slide on top of the hill

Flying fox

Sea and beach

wide road for walking and cycling

maze garden

maze garden (the maze pattern has since been changed)

Centre of the park

view of Pasir Ris park

view of Pasir Ris park

view of Pasir Ris park

Kitchen Garden

view of Kitchen Garden

passion fruit

chilli plants

boat as plant bed


basil plants

tapioca plants

view of Kitchen Garden

Rhoeo discolor or Oyster plant


view of Pasir Ris park

bridge to Downtown East

boardwalk entrance

viewing tower (now being renovated - Feb 2015)

Mangrove forest

Low tide, holes in the mangrove

viewing platform

Sungei Tampines

boardwalk and mangrove

boardwalk and mangrove

exit from mangrove

view of Pasir Ris park

bridge across Sungei Tampines to NTUC Downtown East

Sungei Tampines

Pasir Ris and Tampines park connectors

Salinity plant

Rubber dam

map.bedok1 - looped park connector

Video: Cycling from Lor Halus wetland to Pasir Ris park using new pcn

Nearest park and park connector:
1) Tampines park connector
2) Pasir Ris park connector