Monday, 22 May 2017

Singapore Bt Timah Nature Reserve and Hindhede Nature Park (September 2013) - updated May 2017

Bukit Timah park connector

Bt Timah park connector starts from Bukit Batok nature park

Bukit Batok nature park

Satellite towers

Overhead railway tracks

Looking down from the old railway tracks

Going towards Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

Bike trail, not for hikers

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve (after upgrading)

Bt Timah Nature Reserve (history)

Going up the hill - no pets, no bikes, no vehicles

History of Bukit Timah Hill during the war

South View path (OLD)

Path to South View (NEW)

New wooden barricades at the side of road

Take a rest at Kruing Hut after a steep climb

To Kruing trail

To Catchment path


The old hut

Use the normal route (left) or use the new steps for shorter path.

Route to Dairy Farm Nature park

Reaching the summit with the normal route

one of the electronic towers @ the summit

Bt Timah nature reserve summit

Bt Timah nature reserve summit

OLD shortcut to the summit using steps (L)

A boardwalk had been built for those using the steps (NEW)

Steep steps at the end of boardwalk

The Hindhede Quarry as view from Bt Timah Nature Park

overlooking the quarry

Edge of the cliff

The Hindhede Nature Park

the visitor centre

outdoor classroom

picnic area

view of Hindhede nature park

Hindhede quarry

Hindhede quarry

Hindhede quarry (history) - in front is the Bt Timah nature reserve

me at Hindhede quarry

trail from Hindhede nature park


trail from Hindhede nature park

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