Saturday, 26 November 2016

Updated: Why no updating to my blog? Because I had pinched nerves

Last year, I had problem with my foot and it turned out to be due to 2 problems, namely 2 pinched nerves at L5 and the central nerve, as well as uneven posture.

I would like to post this message hoping that those with pain and there seems to be no answer, you may have to act out of the box.

"A temporary solution may become a permanent problem."

I wasted half a year looking for the correct doctor to treat me. This is very important because you want a permanent solution, not a temporary fix.

When my right foot started to give me pain, I went to the usual places for tui na, acupuncture, but they were of no help.

As the pain became more intense and more symptoms came up, I went to another TCM sinseh. After a few sessions and no improvement, I went to consult a polyclinic GP and he referred me to a podiatrist.

Note that most Singapore doctors are smart but not street smart. They were taught to look for symptoms and should there be no straight forward symptoms, they will refer the patient to another department or give unlikely causes. Most of the doctors did not check my other parts of my body, only those parts that might have symptoms.

When I had 2 different problems, I did not have all the symptoms and this made all the doctors confused. Yes, the doctors knew I had some nerve problems but they could not pin point the actual cause. Almost all those treated me assumed I had plantar fasciitis or achilles tendinitis when I told them of my foot pain.

First problem

After half a year, someone at last told me something different. When the podiatrist checked on me, he asked to walk and he noticed my uneven shoulders. He then measured my legs and confirmed they were uneven.

His solution was to make insoles which could make my foot better. To me, this is not a permanent solution.

Since I knew this problem, I went to a Chinese-trained chiropractor.

After 5-10 minutes of treatment that cost $30 for the session, I thought I was cured.

my first chiropractor

2nd problem

After the first problem was solved, the symptoms for my second problem came up. I had lower back ache, numbness and tightness in feet and legs. This was one question all the other doctors asked me initially "Do I have backache?". Well I did not have lower back ache initially. It was only after the alignment of my legs that this symptom came up.

I went to a second chiropractor. He is Western-trained. The treatment was over in 10, 15 minutes but the healing of my nerves will take a few months. (As of this post, I am almost 80-90% healed and I am slowly taking more pictures for my blog and resuming my normal exercises.)

my second chiropractor
Lessons to learn

1.When a doctor cannot cure you permanently, look elsewhere. Your health is more important than his reputation.

2. Do not be stingy. Do not hold back to look for the correct doctor. Money spent can always be earned back but holding back your treatment may cause permanent damage.

3. Check the internet on what may be your problem but do not assume that is correct. Talk with your doctor on all your symptoms and ask what are your problems. You should understand more from the doctor as compared with not checking the net first.

4. You must be willing to go to different doctors, either science trained or alternate doctors. You would not know who is your correct doctor if you restrict yourself to a certain category of doctors.

5. When you have more than 1 problem, the symptoms may confuse the doctors. Solve 1 problem at a time.

6. Pain, bone and nerve problems are best treated by alternate doctors. Acupuncturist can unblock acupoints for qi to flow so you feel less pain. Chiropractor can treat bone and nerve problems by aligning your bones back to original positions. Fractured and broken bones are still best be treated in hospital.

7. Surgery is always recommended by science trained doctors if they cannot treat your problem. It should be the last resort. What is removed from your body will most likely cannot grow back, so think carefully. Normally after surgery, you may still have problem since the original cause was not treated.


For those who would like to know more about chiropractors, you may want to read A bone to pick with chiropractors by ST. Please remember not to sign any package deal with any chiropractic clinic as you do not know for sure how many times you need to see your chiropractor before the problem is solved.

Some people  may think otherwise about alternative healthcare system, but when it comes to nerves and bones, nothing can beat them. Science medicine system solution for nerve and bone problems that cannot be treated is surgery, which is one of the most dangerous solutions.


Dear all,

You may have noticed I did not update my blog for a few months and sad to say, anything new (like the upgraded Bukit Timah nature reserve) will only be done next year.

I am having this strange foot pain that my appointment with a podiatrist from a polyclinic is only next year since a MRI is required by the private consultant is too ex for me. My treatment with a TCM sinseh has not improved my situation at all.

So in the meantime, I will only post newspaper cuttings. But you may visit my new blog on Science and Health tips as the old blog was removed by Google as it claimed I used my blog for spamming.


Wednesday, 13 July 2016

First and next few phases to transform Ang Mo Kio into cycling and walking town

1) First Phase of transforming AMK into a walking & cycling town completed

First phase of transforming AMK into a walking & cycling town
Video: Cycling in first phase of AMK town project (the red lines in the above map)

2) The next phase of connecting YCK mrt station to AMK phase 1 town project

Elevated walking and cycling path

from YCK mrt station

elevated path on top of existing path

elevated path

elevated path crosses AMK Ave 3...... join to phase 1 path

existing crossing to AMK St 41

future elevated path across St 41

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Work to start on 150km Round Island Route green corridor

The Straits Times, 09 Jul 2016
Adrian Lim

SINGAPORE - Construction work on the first 60km of a 150km continuous green trail that will go around Singapore will start at the end of the year, in an ambitious project to enhance connectivity and create new recreational spaces for cyclists and park goers.

In a ceremony on Saturday (July 9), Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong planted a tree at the Sengkang Riverside Park, commemorating the start of phase one of the Round Island Route, an idea conceptualised in 2011.

The 150km corridor, which is more than three times the length of Singapore, will be built in three stages. While a completion date has yet to be announced, the route will link up existing natural, cultural, historical and recreational sites when finished.

Expected to benefit about 3.5 million residents along the route, the development is part of the larger Park Connector Network (PCN), which is already 300km in length.

The National Parks Board (NParks) will be calling for a tender in the next few months for the first phase of the route, with construction works expected to start at the end of the year (2016).

The first 60km stretch, named the Coastal Adventure Corridor, will start from Rower's Bay at the Lower Seletar Reservoir Park, passing along the coasts of Punggol, Pasir Ris, Changi and East Coast Park, before reaching Gardens by The Bay East.

The Round Island Route's tracks will be mostly 6-metre in width, wider than the 4m paths at the park connectors. It will also have shelters, toilets, lookout points, information kiosks, bicycle parking lots and self-help bike repair facilities.

Read the full article @

Monday, 23 May 2016

Singapore Alexandra Queensway park connector (May 2016)

Alexandra Queensway park connector

Alexandra Canal Linear park is just across the road

If you have S$1m, you can buy a HDB terrace house here

Queenstown stadium

Fence around Queenstown stadium

Global Indian International School

Approaching Queensway

Just follow the arrows

Alexandra Fire Station

Queensway Shopping Centre

Junction of Queensway, Alexandra Road and Jalan Bt Merah

IKEA just in front, Alexandra Village foodcourt behind

Entrance to Alexandra Hospital

Gillman flyover

Old Malayan Railway track just below Gillman Flyover

The Interlace condo wins 2015 World Building of the Year at World Architecture Festival

Way to Hortpark, Alexandra Road

Approaching Alexandra Arch, Hortpark

End of Alexandra Queensway park connector, beginning of Alexandra Garden trail

Alexandra Garden trail

Starting / ending point from Depot Road

Connecting to Telok Blangah Hill park, Southern Ridges

Way to Labrador MRT, Berlayer Creek and Labrador nature reserve

The former Gillman Barracks

Way to Berlayer Creek, Labrador nature reserve, Labrador MRT station

Video: Cycling from Alexandra Garden trail to Telok Blangah hills

Berlayer Creek (link) and Labrador MRT station

Nearest park and park connector:
1) Labrador nature and coastal walk 
2) HortPark
3) Henderson park connector
4) Telok Blangah Hill park
5) Alexandra park connector