Saturday, 29 April 2017

Remains of kampung in Bukit Timah forest

The Bukit Timah Nature Reserve abounds with dense vegetation, a variety of forest animals, noisy insects - and the ruins of an old Chinese kampung so well-hidden that few know it exists.

So, the next you go jogging or hiking, look out for this kampung.


Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Singapore Windsor Nature park and Tree-top Walk July 2013, updated April 2017

The Original Windsor Nature Park

route from Venus Dr carpark

view of tree top walk trail

stream providing water for the living creatures

giant pandan plant

steps to an old house (maybe)

cement road

The New Windsor Nature Park

Performance Stand




Things you will see - a lot of dragonflies

Walking is made easier with proper track, unlike old times

Hanguana Trail

Venus Loop

Things you will see - fish

Squirrel Trail

Hugh pandan plants, making the area nice smelling 

Hugh stones road part of the trail
Things you will see

Durian tree


Drango Trail

Things you will see - monkeys


Original route (Venus Link) above Drango Trail

Old and new routes meet outside Island Club Road

You may continue to Tree Top Walk or MacRitchie Trail

Tree Top Walk
Follow this important sign. ONE WAY to tree top walk

Singapore Island Country Club

view of tree top walk trail

view of tree top walk trail

MacRitchie nature trail in the middle

very rocky and uneven route

view of tree top walk trail

view of tree top walk trail

kallang service reservoir (history)

view of tree top walk trail

view of tree top walk trail

view of tree top walk trail

view of tree top walk trail

way to bukit timah nature reserve

terentang hut

Me @ terentang hut

view of tree top walk trail

steps to entrance of tree top walk

entrance to tree top walk. closes on MONDAY

view of tree top walk (history)

this is strictly ONE WAY only

magnificant view of nature

looking down

panorama view from top of the world

the exit

self-lock door

view of tree top walk

view of tree top walk trail

up and down the steps

look out for missing step

left to bukit timah reserve or macritchie (sime golf course) and right to ranger station

ranger station

Nearest park and park connector:
1) Bukit Timah Nature Reserve
2) MacRitchie Reservoir park

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